Pamper Yourself This Holiday Season

pamper yourself this holiday seasonEver since I wrote the post on stocking stuffer ideas for the fitness lover in your life, I’ve been dreaming of pampering myself with some foot lotion and shea butter infused socks.

Let’s face it, the holidays are a stressful time of year and stress wreaks havoc on the skin. So here are a few quick and simple ways to pamper yourself this holiday season, using some items you probably all ready have on hand.

Cucumber Mask
This mask purifies and cleanses the skin, leaving your face feeling cool and smooth.
• 1/2 cup plain yogurt
• Cut a cucumber into thick slices, place in a blender. Set aside 2 thin slices for the eyes.
• Throw 3 mint or parsley leaves into the blender. Puree to a paste.
• Mix the cucumber puree with the yogurt in the bowl.
• Cover your face with the cucumber mask. Place thin slices of cucumber on the eyes and let sit on the skin for 15 minutes.
• Rinse clean with warm water.

*Perfect while soaking in the milk bath that is featured below

Avocado Mask
To soothe or heal skin irritated from sun or wind exposure, try this avocado mask.
• Mash one whole avocado.
• Add 1 tsp. flaxseed oil and 1 tsp. honey.
• Mix together until smooth and creamy.
• Apply to face and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Rinse clean with warm water.

Oatmeal/Egg White Mask
This mask exfoliates and removes dead skin and blemishes, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.
• Mix 3 to 4 egg whites and 1/3 cup oatmeal together.
• Apply and rub mixture onto skin.
•Allow for mixture to sit for 5 minutes and let egg whites dry.
• Rinse clean with warm water.

Lemon Sugar Foot/Body Scrub
This scrub exfoliates and removes dead skin from you feet and body, leaving you feeling soft and rejuvenated.
• You’ll need: 2 cups granulated white sugar, 1/3 to 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil
• Slowly add oil to sugar (you want it soft, not oily), then add essential oil.
• Apply and rub mixture onto skin.
• Rinse clean with warm water.
• Store remaining scrub in a jar.

Powdered Milk Bath
This bath will leave your skin feeling soft, soothed and moisturized.
• You’ll need: 1 cup powdered milk (the higher fat the better – coconut is a great smelling option), 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup corn starch.
• Mix ingredients together. Feel free to add an essential oil if you’d like to (about 5-10 drops).
• Pour 1 cup of the mixture into your hot bath and relax.
• Store remaining mixture in a jar.

So carve out a little time this weekend between baking, shopping, planning and of course working out & meal prepping, to pamper yourself with a little at-home spa day. Your body and your mind will thank you for the TLC!

Have any DIY pampering treatments that you enjoy? Share them in the comments section below!

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10 Stocking Stuffers for Fitness Lovers

10 Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness LoverCan you believe we are only 9 days away from Christmas?! I feel like we were just carving the Turkey and discussing Black Friday sales. Time needs to slow down just a little so I can catch up.

If you are anything like me, the majority of your shopping is done and you started to wrap, but the one thing you forgot about were the stockings! Dammit!  Well, I put together a list of 10 stocking stuffers for fitness lovers, that just might help you out!

Bonus: Each item is at or under $20 and many can be found locally without shipping! Score!

1. Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Mic’d Headphones:

skullcandy ink'd 2.0These feature multi-sized silicone gel tips to deliver the perfect fit. You can also manage device and tunes with the single-button mic and remote. (Find them at Target or Walmart $20)

2. Stylish Beanies:


Perfect for outdoor winter runs as well as trips to the gym or the store. Beanies are stylish, functional and completely affordable. Give the gift of warm this year! (Starting at $6 at Target, Forever 21 and Kohl’s)

Apt. 9 ® lurex leopard ribbed beanie • Apt. 9 • $11.99
Merona® Jeweled Solid Beanie Hat – Black • Merona • $14.99
Merona Women’s Microfleece Beanie Hat • Merona • $6.00
Xhilaration® Reversible Star Beanie Hat – Black/Green • Xhilaration • $12.99
Xhilaration® Beanie Hat – Blue • Xhilaration • $6.98
FOREVER 21+ Multi-Tone Knit Beanie • Forever 21 • $6.23

3. Smart Gloves

Smart gloves

In today’s tech world, your gloves MUST be able to work with the touch screen on your phone. Whether you’re running outside and activating your favorite run tracking app, or driving to the gym, these are a must-have for the social-media-driven fitness folks in your life. (Starting at $5 at retailers like Five Below, Target, TJ Maxx & Marshall’s)

4. Degree’s by 180’s Headphones:

Degrees by 180's

Not a fan of beanies but want to keep your ears warm during your outdoor winter workout? Keep your ears warm and your tunes jamming with these ear warmer headphones! They are listed in the men’s section but I don’t see why us ladies can’t use them too! (Find them at and Kohls $19.99 or click here to purchase them via

BONUS: Use the code JOY30 for 30% off these!

5. Quest Bars:

Quest Bars

Give the gift of the #CleanCheat this holiday season with some Quest Bars. They comes in a large variety of flavors and are heavenly when popped into the microwave for a few seconds to soften up. They are also gluten-free, have no added sugar and come in around 160 calories + 20 grams of protein per bar (depending on the flavor) My personal favorites are Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. There is also a brand new Smore’s flavor, but it’s not in stores yet. (Find these at your local GNC or Vitamin Shop around $3 per bar)

6. Gymboss Interval Timer:

Gymboss timer

The Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch is a small, easy-to-use, dual interval timer. This multi-use timer has many versatile functions that make it beneficial to virtually any type of exercise program and helps keep your workout on track. You can program your work/rest times and not worry about starting and stopping a stopwatch. This little gizmo does it all for you. (Find it on Amazon $19.99)

7. Sparkly Soul Headband

sparkly soul

“I don’t sweat, I sparkle.” Kick your sparkle game up a notch with these non-slip, no-headache headbands that REALLY work. They come tons of different colors with two widths to choose from. Perfect for kids too (think cheerleaders, track stars and tumblers). (Find these on or Amazon. Starting at $15.00)

8. iTunes Gift Cards


Do I really need to explain why this is a great gift? From music to apps, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to find one of these in their stocking on Christmas morning! (Find at grocery stores, Apple, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS…etc. Starting at $10)

9. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm:

Burts Bees Lip Balm

Winter leaves our lips chapped and raw, especially if you workout outdoors. Give the gift of relief. Beeswax conditions skin, while antioxidant Vitamin E moisturizes. A final hint of Peppermint Oil provides that one-of-a-kind refreshing tingle. The result? Smooth, supple lips everyone will be buzzing about. (Find it many local retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens & CVS for around $3-$4)

10. Pampered Feet:

Pampered Feet

If you have a runner in your life, their feet take a beating! Give them a treat with a pair of Shea Infused Slipper Socks ($8.50) and some True Blue Foot Cream ($15.00) from Bath & Body Works.

I hope this list sparks some ideas for you as you wrap up your holiday shopping. If I missed a favorite of yours, please share it with me below!

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Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

Italian Stuffed PeppersColder temps usually leave me craving comfort foods and stuffed peppers are a favorite comfort  food of mine. Not only are they budget friendly and perfect for meal prepping, but they are simple to make and the stuffing possibilities are endless.

Tonight I was craving the Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers I posted about a while ago. I love to make those on days when I’ve been a little carb heavy early in the day (my 21 Day Fix people will understand this) but my local grocery store didn’t have any shaved beef in stock.


Sad and disappointed, I wandered around the grocery store for a little while as I thought about what I could make for dinner and I couldn’t shake my stuffed pepper craving. As a result, these Italian Style Stuffed Peppers were born, using some ground turkey (which was on sale – a budget friendly must for me) and ingredients that most people will already have on hand.

Italian Style Stuffed Peppers
Serves 4
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
  1. 4 large bell peppers (any color)
  2. 1 pound, lean ground turkey
  3. 1 large sweet onion, chopped
  4. 2 cloves of chopped garlic
  5. 1 8 oz can tomato sauce, no salt added
  6. 1 cup jasmine or brown rice, cooked
  7. 1 cup of frozen peas
  8. 1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese
  9. 4 thin slices of provolone cheese
  10. salt & pepper, to taste
  11. a sprinkle or dried thyme or basil
  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, salt. While water comes to a boil, cut the tops off of the peppers (reserve), remove the seeds and rinse well. Drop the peppers into the boiling water and par boil them for about 3-5 minutes. Remove from water and allow to cool while you prepare the filling.
  2. Chop up the pepper tops and discard the stems. (If you would like more pepper in your filling, feel free to chop up another pepper.)
  3. Add the ground turkey into a large skillet, over high heat and begin to brown. Add the pepper, onion and garlic, stirring frequently to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. Season with salt & pepper.
  4. When the turkey is no longer pink, sprinkle with thyme or basil, add the peas, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and rice. Once it is all incorporated, remove from heat.
  5. Sprinkle the peppers with some salt, then begin to stuff them, making sure you pack them well and place into a shallow baking pan. (I usually end up with some extra stuffing so I just put it into a container and call it lunch for the next day.)
  6. Top each pepper with a slice of provolone and bake at 350 until the cheese is melted, about 10-15 minutes.
  1. For those of you on the 21 Day Fix, this recipe is 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1.5 green containers.
Get Fit With Nikki

As you can see, stuffed peppers are pretty simple to make. You can have a lot of fun with these by  changing up the spices, type of meat you use, the cheese you top them with or use some quinoa instead of rice. Want to keep them vegetarian friendly or turn them into a Meatless Monday meal, chop up some meaty mushrooms instead of ground beef. The possibilities are truly endless and the pepper offers amazing portion control!

Think of your favorite meals for inspiration, have fun with things and just go with it! Cooking shouldn’t be precise and stressful…that’s baking…and we aren’t baking here. We are just creating healthy, simple, flavorful food!

Do you like stuffed peppers? If so, I would love to hear what you like your stuffed with!

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Tips For Clean Eating During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of year that are filled with family, dinners, parties, cocktails, cookies, shopping and of course the stress of trying to get it all done. Don’t let the holidays derail you from your fitness goals. It takes a little effort, but you can avoid the weight gain that is oh so commonly associated with this time of year. Check out my tips for clean eating during the holidays and start your new year off ahead of everyone else.

1. Eat Breakfast: Eating a healthy breakfast everyday sets the tone for your day. If you try to skip it and opt for a trip to the local coffee shop for a sugary mega-super-ginormous latte, you’re setting yourself up for overeating later in the day. Having breakfast and eating small, clean meals through out the day is also going to be your key to success on the days you have parties or events to attend. You’ll keep your energy high and your blood sugar stable, which will result in less cravings for caffeine, sugar and fatty foods.

Bonus Tip: If you skip breakfast because you are always short on time in the morning, consider making these Healthy Egg Muffins or adding a nutrient dense smoothie to your morning routine.

2. Be Prepared: On days when you’ll be running around shopping, make sure that you carry healthy snack options with you so you can avoid becoming hangry. A piece of fruit, some homemade trail mix, a nutrition bar or some raw nuts are all great, portable options to keep on hand. Long lines and crowds can be energy draining, so it’s important to have healthy energy boosts on hand. The last thing you want is to be tempted by the candy options while on line to check out. 

Bonus Tip: Slow cookers can be a life saver during this time of year. You can find lots of Clean Eating Slow Cooker Recipes on my Pinterest board.

3. Manage Portion Sizes: When attending cocktail parties or buffets, opt for the smallest plate option available. Doing so will keep your portion sizes in check and it will reduce your chances of  over stuffing yourself. Having a smaller plate will also force you to get up to refill it. This will give you time to truly think if you want more and if you do, you’ll at least get a little bit of activity in the process.

Bonus Tip: Carry sugar-free mints or gum with you to holiday parties. The minty flavor will keep you from picking on foods.

4. Indulge Wisely: Don’t overdue it on foods you can have anytime of year. Save the splurges for foods that you only have access to during the holiday season, like grandma’s pecan pie or the first batch of cookies for the season that your children helped to make. By doing so, you won’t feel cheated or like you can’t enjoy the foods that may be linked to childhood memories. When you head into the holidays knowing that these special foods are okay, you’ll reduce the risk of feeling like a failure which can result in binge eating. Strive for balance, not perfection!

Bonus Tip: Make a list of the foods that you only have around the holidays and make sure you balance them out with healthier options. Remember, just because you give yourself permission to have these special foods doesn’t meant it’s okay in gorge yourself on them. 

5. Make It Yourself: If you’re invited to a dinner party, don’t be afraid to call the host or hostess and ask if you could bring a dish. Many times this is very appreciated and it will give you an opportunity to ensure there is a healthy option at the gathering.

Bonus Tip: On days you know you have a special event revolving around food, make sure you get some exercise in. From a 30 minute walk to a short yoga season to help you stay calm and collected. Exercise can help you make wiser food choices.

The holidays don’t have to undo all of the hard work you’ve put into health this year. Just look ahead at your week and make a plan! You may even inspire someone else in the process.

For some more holiday tips, be sure to check out this past post: Here Comes the Holidays

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Goal Crushing Holidays – Don’t Fall Into The Trap

goal crushing holidays

Halloween is the kick off to the holiday season. It is the start the of the goal crushing holidays and the “treat” temptations that will become a everyday struggle from now until New Years Day.

Right now, many of us have homes full of “fun sized” candy and I’m sure we’ve all dipped into it. Those fun size treats then get us feeling down about ourselves and instead of saying “I can turn this around” we end up making more poor choices, this time with our meals or we’ll skip our workouts because we’re having a sugar crash and lack the energy to due them. Where exactly is the fun in this?

Next we begin to use Thanksgiving as an excuse and say “We’ll, I’m not going to re-start now, I’ll be eating and over indulging on Thanksgiving, so the Monday after will be my start date.” Thanksgiving dinner turns into leftovers the next day, followed by hours of shopping and more poor food choices because you’re on the go. (Do you really know how many calories are in the sugary, blended frappe topped with whip?! It’s scary!) By the time Monday rolls around you’re too tired to workout, so you decide “I’ll just start on January 1st.”

The problem with this is that we let “being busy” stand in the way of our goals. (You do have your goal written down where you can see it, right?! If not, you should read yesterday’s post.) From holiday parties, to cookie swaps, to drinks with friends, and crazy nights of shopping & wrapping, we allow each and every one of these events to become more important than our goals…and that shouldn’t be the case.

Every time you allow everything else to be more important than your goals, or you allow a slip up to get the better of you, it gets easier and easier to slip back into old habits. The same old habits that took you months to change can come back in a weekend if you allow them to. (Crazy right?!) Before you know it, all of the progress you’ve made is gone and it’s even tougher to start over.

This holiday season, I don’t want to see that happen to myself or any of you! Don’t be the average and allow those 7-10 holiday pounds to creep onto you. I know the holidays are hectic, but I also know that we can all carve out 30 minutes a day to get our workout done and we can all make smart food choices 80% of the time (I know you all have time to check Facebook and scroll Instagram so decide what’s more important). These small decisions can be a goal saver during the holidays and they still allow you to have your favorite food and treats during the season…just in moderation.

What I am asking of you right now is for complete and total honesty…not with me, but with YOURSELFWhere do you want to be come January 1st? Restarting and losing the weight you had already lost again, or feeling a sense of confidence and pride because this is the first year you didn’t let the holidays bully you into hating the way you look and feel?

I know this is not an easy time of year and I’m not asking you to do this on your own. As a Health & Fitness Accountability Coach, I can help you find a program that will fit your lifestyle & goals and I can also provide you with a private group of like-minded people to help you stay accountable, share you struggles and celebrate your achievements, as we conquer the holidays together!

My next group will be starting on November 17th and I would love to have you join me. For more information, please comment or message me on Facebook.

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Staying Committed to Your Fitness Goals

Staying Committed to your fitness goalHalloween has passed, Thanksgiving feasts will be served shortly, Christmas is already everywhere you look and before you know it everyone will be shouting Happy New Year! It’s during this whirlwind time of year that people tend to pack on some extra pounds and then make the resolution to get back into fitness on January 1st.

If this is your annual resolution, you know that committing to your health is not easy. There will be times when you won’t want to wake up early to get your workout done, you’ll be sore, you’ll be tired, and that ugly little voice in your head will start telling you that you suck and the workout you’re doing isn’t going to make a difference anyway. (Don’t listen to that voice…it’s just fear speaking.)

There may be times when you wait in line at the coffee shop and feel like ordering that fattening blended coffee drink, even though you know sticking with your unsweetened (preferably black) regular coffee, or you’re driving home and pass a fast food restaurant and think to yourself “One meal from here won’t hurt.”. You may be scared to use a heavier weight than you did last week, because you are afraid you won’t be able to complete your reps. We all struggle with healthy eating. We all get late night cravings (trust me, I’ve written about Pop-tarts calling to me from the cabinet, in the middle of the night), and us woman all crave chocolate and salt simultaneously during a specific week each month. We’re human!

It’s in these moments of weakness, that your commitment to the goals you set are tested. This is why as an accountability coach, I always talk to my clients about why they decided to start a health and fitness program. The stronger the connection they feel to that WHY, the easier it will be to resist the temptations and the feeling of saying “Screw this, I want to sleep in!” When you stick to the commitment you’ve made to yourself, you’ll begin to stand more confidently, feel a renewed sense of pride and you’ll even feel sexier. Staying committed to your goals will help you to discover a true sense of well-being, purpose, and personal worth. You’ll feel even feel energized and happier!

Here are three ways that can help you stay committed to achieving your goals:

1. Post your goals on the mirror.
Posting your goals in a place where you are guaranteed to see them each day will help you to stay focused, motivated, and committed. Your bathroom mirror is the perfect place because you’ll see your goals first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night.(We are brushing our teeth twice a day, right?!) Placing them here will also give you a chance to look at your goals and then yourself, which can be a very powerful thing. For maximum results, include why you started your fitness routine (to have more energy to play with your kids, to feel comfortable in your own skin, to feel more confident, to wow people at your class reunion.).

2. Prepare for the unexpected.
Each morning, or better yet, each night before you go to bed, ask yourself if there are any challenges that may interfere with your daily routine for the next day. Examples of this could be: Are there any lunch meetings or special events at work? How will you handle things if your child wants you to play during your scheduled workout time? What if you’re going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a restaurant? For each unexpected event, make a plan to address the challenge, while still staying committed to your fitness and nutrition goals. Of course, there are plenty of uncontrollable circumstances that could happen, but developing a plan to deal with your most common challenges will set you up to succeed with anything that could happen during your day.

3. Keep a daily journal.
There is no doubt that tracking your daily fitness and nutrition effort helps to improve your chance of achieving your goals. However, it is also important to track how much effort you put into each day, as well as how you felt during the that day. When creating your journal entry, ask yourself: “Did I exert every possible ounce of effort to achieving my goals today?” If your answer is yes, great! If your answer is no, write down one thing you can do tomorrow to be better than you were today. Another great question to ask yourself is “How did I feel mentally and physically today?” We all have good days and bad days and you can often see a pattern when you begin to a keep a journal. Spotting the pattern as well as the common denominator can help you to make small changes, which can help you to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Following these three tips can help your level of commitment for fitness and nutrition skyrocket! So as the New Year creeps up and you begin making your resolutions, I want you to really think about incorporating these three tips into your daily routine. They will not only help you to achieve your goals, but they can help you get results that will last!

What are your tips and tricks to staying committed to reaching your goals?

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FitBlogNYC 2014

FitBlogNYC CollageTwo weeks ago I had the privilege of attending my second Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet, which is also known as FitBlogNYC. As soon as I left the event last year, I hoped that I would be selected to attend again, and thankfully I was.

This year was very different to me. I wasn’t nervous going into it because I met some amazing, like minded bloggers at last years event and I was excited to spend time with them again. Mother Nature was not very nice to us during the event, which was held at The Mercedes Club again, so they had to move the event from roof top to indoors.


The day kicked off with a welcome from Fitness Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief, Betty Wong (@FITNESSBetty) who gave us an overview of the day’s events. She then introduced the first topic of the day The New Formula for Fitness Success, which was presented by fitness trainer, Holly Rilinger. (If you are not familiar with who Holly is, please check out her site, she is truly inspirational.) Holly gave some amazing tips on how to get yourself motivated:

  • Working out is the new going out – we now workout as ways of being social with our friends.
  • Find new ways to maximize 20-30 minutes of exercise.  

    “You need to workout smarter, not longer.” 

  • Sleep is an overlooked and important part of our fitness routines.
  • No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you are always learning something new.
  • Embrace fear because it will drive you forward and it is never going to be as bad as you think it will be.

Holly also shared with us that she uses a dream board to align herself with her goals. I personally think dream boards are an amazing tool, so I was excited to hear her speak about hers and how Nike was on her board long before she actually had the opportunity to work with them.


 The next topic was Crossfit, Mud Runs, Marathons! How to Stay Healthy in a Hardcore World, and was presented by Dr. Marci A. Goolsby, from the Hospital for Special Surgery. This session covered how we can stay healthy in a very active world and some of the most common injuries that are seen. We learned that the most common injuries are from running, Crossfit and Insanity style workouts, because people try to do too much, too fast. With running, the three common mistakes most beginners make are:

  1. Increasing mileage too soon
  2. Not strength training
  3. Not adjusting nutrition intake. 

Another important topic that was covered for woman, was a lack of menstrual cycle. If your period stops, you may need to be less restrictive with your nutrition!


 The last topic before we broke for lunch and networking was Eat Healthier, Live Happier: Game Changing Cooking Secrets, which was presented by chef Carla Hall who is also a co-host on ABC’s The Chew. Carla was hands down my favorite presenter of the day, and it wasn’t just because she was talking about healthy eating. She just has a beautiful, positive energy which radiates from her. You  can feel her passion for food and her profession, plus she had a great sense of humor!

Carla shared with us the non-traditional way in which she discovered her love of cooking and told us that

“Your heart will always tell you where to go.”

Another powerful quote from her was

“If you want to do something, you’ll do it good. If not, something will always go wrong.”

Carla also gave some simple advice about cooking. She suggested taking about five go-to recipes and then simply change the spices or use flavored oils to change the dish! How simple is that?! Carla also warned not to change everything when cooking, especially when it comes to holiday traditions!

“Don’t remove all of the fat from your recipes. It won’t satisfy you and you’ll end up eating more.”

Overall, her advice was to have fun in the kitchen! Don’t be afraid to experiment…it’s only food…play with it! I could go on for days about this particular segment but I’ll end with two more fabulous points:

  • Moderation not deprivation is key. Treat yourself to a small amount of you’re craving.
  • When it comes to cooking…

    “If you’re in a bad mood, the only thing you should be making is a reservation!”


At this point we broke for an amazing lunch, as well as time to network with fellow bloggers, and the fabulous brands who were sponsoring this amazing event:

FitBlogNYC Lunch

Lunch was a beautiful buffet with lots of healthy items. I chose to have the Lemon Chicken, Roasted Veggies and Quinoa Salad. I also had a Baked Apple Parfait which was super yummy!


After lunch and networking was the final topic for the day, My Digital Brand is My Business. The presenters for this segment were  Bianca Jade (@Mizzfit_Bianca), Anne Mauney, RD(@fANNEtasticfood) and Laura Sykora (@laurasykora on instagram). All three of these ladies are creators of their own brand and businesses and they gave amazing advice to all of us fellow bloggers. What I loved the most is that they encouraged us to blog because we love it and only connect with brands that fit your brand and personality. Being authentic as the best way to connect to your audience and build your brand. Which if you’ve been reading my blog, you know is something that I touched upon recently.  A few important points from this panel were:

  •  Remember you cannot please everyone with your blog or social media. It’s inevitable some people will agree with you and others won’t. It’s okay.
  • Be passionate and have fun while writing. Readers can tell when you don’t have passion.
  • Use what you don’t know to become an expert at it. Don’t be scared to teach yourself things.

My favorite quote from the session was

“Your blog is your house…don’t let people poop on it!”

and I could kick myself because I forgot to write down which panelist said it. Doh!


As you can see, it was an amazing day and Fitness Magazine spoiled us as always! I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend this event, meet new people and learn so many valuable lessons.

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