The Good And The Bad…

The Good…

Yesterday was a killer workout day! (and I mean killer in a good way!) I had P90X
Shoulders & Arms which is one of my favorite upper body workouts in the program.  The
only annoying part of it is how Tony ooo’s and aahh’s over Dreya through the whole
thing…..GAG! I teamed it up with Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series which I LOVE
and have begun seeing results from already…plus the FABULOUS Dreya isn’t in it so it’s a
plus :P

I definitely need to get myself some heavier weights for this round as the ones I have are not cutting it anymore. I also started doing my workouts in my bedroom because my closets have full length mirrors so I can watch my form which has improved my performance greatly. I feel a better burn by being able to focus on what I am doing as opposed to what Dreya they are doing on the DVD.

The Bad….

Today is another story….SIGH….I need to switch YogaX to another day or double up somewhere or wake up earlier…I don’t know….SOMETHING!

Every week Thursday comes and I find excuses to put off the 90 mins of yoga Tony requires of me each week. Now in my defense I do the 10 minute trainer yoga everyday or a Rodney Yee AM Yoga DVD that I love because it helps my back. It’s not like I’m neglecting yoga totally but I feel guilty for not doing YogaX like I’m supposed to. I have a habit of skipping through the vinyasas and just doing the balance section of the DVD through to the end to make it shorter.

I know…I’m supposed to do the whole DVD but 90 mins IS kinda long, especially after working all day. (Excuse….I know….I’m hanging my head in shame as I type!)

I guess there is a dvd in this program that everyone dreads….YogaX happens to be it for me. All I can do is try my best (and forget the rest…..hahaha…sorry….had to do it!), stick with it the whole 90 mins and at the very least continue doing my shorter daily yoga sessions to increase my flexibility and improve my balance.

Today I made it through the warm up section before the vinayasas and the first 5 balance poses before my son kept calling me into his room and I gave up. My plan for tomorrow is to at least do the Patience Yoga from Tony’s One on One series as soon as both kids get on the bus. Legs & Back plus Ab Ripper 200 will be done at night after the kids go to bed.

Wish me luck!

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21 Day Clean Eating Challenge

During my fitness journey I have made huge progress in changing the way that I eat, the types of foods that I buy and how I eat. I no longer eat out of boredom (I press play on a workout, read or tweet for that) and I no longer crave sugar like I used to. However there is still room for improvement so 2 days ago I joined a fellow tweep (Maria365) in her 21 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

Here are the details:

Press play at least 5 or 6 days per week; eat clean daily; one cheat meal per week (not a cheat day); just one cheat meal per week; No alcohol; Report daily; take your measurements.

Definition of clean eating: 4 to 6 small meals per day, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Eat every 2-3 hours. Follow a balanced diet 40% carbs, 40% protein and 30% fat.

To access Michi’s Ladder here visit my facebook fan page HERE.

**** ADDENDUM: Shakeology, Protein powder (your choice) supplements, coffee, natural almond/peanut butter, and almond milk are ALLOWED. *******

I am also adding the Shakeology Summer Shakedown to this which involves replacing one meal per day with a Shakeology shake. (To purchase Shakeology or find out more about it contact me – yes, it’s a shameless plug…sorry!)

Now I will tell you right off the bat that the no alcohol aspect of this will most likely not happen. My birthday falls during this 21 day challenge and after a long week or working 2 jobs and working out I enjoy a beer or two with a friend if I happen to go out. I guess I could consider that my “cheat” for the week though.

My plan is to do what we should be doing anyway…eat  foods with as few ingredients as possible. I’m tired of over processed foods that claim to be healthy for us but when you look at the ingredients you are faced with words you can’t pronounce and all kinds of additives you don’t need.

To prepare myself I went to the library and picked up a book on Paleo eating for athletes that has some recipes in it as well as an Organic food guide. I also have a great book that my buddy AJ loaned me called The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto that I plan on looking through again. There is also a movie called Food Inc. that I have heard a lot about and plan on checking out.

Wish me luck! I will try my best to either blog about my progress or I will have Facebook/Twitter  updates.

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10 Minute Trainer….My New Best Friend!

I will be the first to admit that I am off to a shaky start with Round 2 of P90X. I don’t know if it is because of time constraints, the fact that I have completed a full 90 days of it or that I am just curious about other programs. I don’t feel as obligated to do the program perfectly this time. I am really just holding myself to working out daily and getting the most I can out of each workout, regardless of it being a P90X, Insanity, Power 90, 10 minute trainer or a cardio workout on the treadmill or bike.

With that I have a new best friend in my workout journey…..Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer! I know, like most people you are thinking 10 minutes?! What kind of a workout can you get in 10 minutes?! Well…..a killer one! Tony crams as many power moves as he can into these workouts. I was left huffing, puffing and drenched in sweat after the Cardio workout yesterday morning. There was a 2 minute warm up, 10 minute workout and then a 2 minute cool down. I teamed it up with the 10 minute Yoga session as well and I felt perfectly worked out in just under 30 minutes.

I love that I have a back up plan for those days when I am short on time or just not feeling it. Anyone can muster up the energy or find a few minutes in their day to fit a 10 Minute Trainer workout in.

If you are interested in learning more check out this video!

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Week 2 – Changing it up a bit.

Ahhh…..Monday…not my favorite day of the week at all. This week I was off from work though since some moron backed into the side of my truck while I was leaving work on Friday and I had to bring it to the body shop for an estimate. I better change the subject before I need to add a round of Kenpo to today’s routine to blow off stress.

Of course I was off from work so it rained – I swear a black cloud follows me around most of the time. Because of the rain I was tired and unmotivated which has actually been the theme for the past week with me.

Anyway…today’s workout was Chest & Back and would normally be followed by Ab Ripper X  but I’ve been opting for Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series instead because  I can actually do every move and feel an amazing burn in my abs. To me it’s a better workout for my core level right now so that’s what I’m going with. One day I will destroy Ab Ripper X but until then, I will make Ab Ripper 200 my bitch.

With my lack of motivation today I spent most of the morning trying to talk myself into the workout. I finally popped in the dvd around 2pm and Tony’s constant yapping was getting on my nerves during the warm up. I decided to follow one of my tweeps TabBenedict in doing this routine crossfit style. I shut off the dvd, grabbed my workout sheet and decided to do 12 reps of each exercise for the 1st round and then push to max in the second round. I ended up feeling a better burn doing it this way since there was less down time and I as a result I completed the workout in about half the time.

Now don’t  get me wrong….I love Tony to pieces, however there are days when I don’t want to drag things out or I’m pressed for time. Plus I felt like I did so much more by doing the routine crossfit style that I think I may continue in this manner for the rest of Round 2.

Hope the rest of this week picks up for my mentally. I need to get out of my lazy funk and start to truly BRING IT! if I want to see more results!

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Day 7 – End of Week 1

Well….week 1 was not perfect but it is done. This morning I did some 10 minute trainer yoga, took a nap instead of doing Legs & Back and finished the night off with some Xstretch. I know, I know….a nap….instead of my workout….what can I say……I was a tired! I needed the rest!

When I got to thinking about it I would be doing Legs & Back today and then Chest & Back tomorrow….working my back two days in a row didn’t seem like a good idea especially with my herniated discs. I don’t need to hurt myself again and not be able to do any workouts. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I am hoping to be more disciplined week 2 and stick to the schedule but sometimes I just can’t help it and have to move stuff around, double up or just skip a workout. I don’t LIKE doing it but sometimes I have to and I have to learn to accept that.

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Day 4,5,6…..oh man!

Well sooner or later it always happens. I allow life to get in the way of what I want and need to do and it results in me missing workouts….sigh.

Day 4 SHOULD have been YogaX which is a 90 min workout. I will be the first to admit I am not a huge fan of it so I was not heartbroken by missing the workout. I do however KNOW that Tony Horton IS a huge fan of yoga and he feels it is a key component of his workout program so I did feel a little guilty the next day.  If it redeems me at all I have been doing 10 Minute Trainer Yoga almost everyday…..hey….I know it’s not YogaX but it’s something….right?!

Day 5 was another screw up for me. Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper X were the scheduled workout for the day. I’m not even sure what I ended up doing yesterday but I know sneaky lunges and wall squats were not one of them. Oh….yesterday was the lovely fender bender in the parking lot at my job….sigh….I should have done some Kenpo as a stress reliever, instead I grabbed and beer and enjoyed some conversation with a friend….oh well.

Day 6 – Now this workout I DID do…..KenpoX…..hands down my FAVORITE workout in this program! I never get tired of this routine…EVER! I can jab, cross, hook, uppercut all day long! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I always end up energized, relieved of stress and in a full on sweat by the end of the hour…I couldn’t ask for more! Well….maybe two days of Kenpo…we could replace YogaX…hahaha….just kidding…yoga is important….I know…..*rolls eyes.

Anyway….tomorrow is technically my rest day but my plan is to start the day off with some 10 Minute Trainer Yoga (still trying to redeem myself here), then do Legs and Back, I will sub Ab Ripper 200 cause I like it better. Finally before bed I will unwind with some xStretch. Now this is the plan….it doesn’t mean it will all happen. Let’s face it I’m a parent and I’m human….things come up and we aren’t perfect. I do however always try to make up for what I miss. That’s all I can do….as Tony says….Do your best and forget the rest!

Keep bringing it people and I will try not to be such a slacker next week!

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Day 3 – Shoulders and Arms

Today marked Day 3 – Round 2 P90x for me. I was looking forward to today’s workout and I was bored at work so I skipped out early and headed home to take care of business…..Shoulders and Arms….gotta love working those “Glamour Muscles” and with tank top season coming lord only knows I can use the work…yikes!

There is honestly not a single move in this workout that I don’t like. My absolute favorite exercise is the Side-Tri-Rise that they do at the end in the bonus round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can keep up with them even when they get all wacky and race each other. I tend to be a competitive person so maybe that’s why…who knows?!

Today’s workout was interesting though as a thunderstorm was rolling in. As I was working out things got dark and I noticed the lightning start. Shortly after a huge crash of thunder rang out and my house literally shook which scared me. Apparently it scared my son as well cause he came busting through my bedroom door and nearly tackled me as I was doing Crouching Cohen Curls. He then looked at the screen and immediately grabbed his 2lbs weights and joined in. He’s 5 and already has a love for Tony!

After Shoulders and Arms is usually Ab Ripper X….now I have done a full round of P90X and STILL struggle with some of the moves here. Part of my issue is my lower back and some is just my lack of core strength despite working out as long as I have. So, instead I have been opting for the Ab Ripper 200 from the Power 90 series which came before P9oX. I find that I get an amazing ab workout from it. I feel it in my abs as opposed to my thighs and lower back like I do with most of Ab Ripper X. I also REALLY like the 10 Min Trainer Ab workout. I love that there are a lot of plank style moves in it – keeps things fresh and new.

After doing both workouts I was still feeling good SO….I decided to do the 10 Min Trainer Yoga which has quickly become another favorite of mine. If you have never tried 10 Min Trainer I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I had to go to work tonight after my workouts and stupidly had some coffee from Starbucks with my coworkers. Now it is 1:44am and I am wide awake! I have to be back at work in the morning. Maybe I should just do my workout now….hmmmmmmm.

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Day 2 Plyometrics….The Mother!

Tonight was Plyometrics night (Plyo)….also known as “The Mother” workout of P90X. Since I did the LEAN version of the program last time I never came face to face with this particular DVD. I had heard stories about it and my favorite nickname was “The Devils Dance”.  IF I had never been introduced to Shaun T and the INSANITY workout I would agree with that nickname, however I met a wilder beast first so Plyo’s bark was much worse than it’s bite! As a matter of fact many people say Insanity is Plyo on crack and they are right! After doing some of Insanity, Plyo seemed like it just had one too many cups of coffee – no where near the hit of speed Insanity dropped.

Overall I loved it! It is an amazing, solid workout that is gonna get your heart rate up, gonna push you to do your best and burn a ton of calories! As Tony says in it, “you can do anything for 30 seconds” and he is right. It’s all mind over matter! I was sweating like crazy and burned roughly 812 calories BUT what I loved the most was I could still function at the end of the 60 mins. I didn’t feel like I was going to die or lay in my own puddle of sweat for an hour tweeting. Yes, after my first encounter with Insanity Plyometric Circuit that’s what happened. No, it’s not a proud moment in my fitness journey BUT it happened…and I was able to laugh about it as I laid gasping for air.

Sooooo……Plyo rocks in my book! I think I was missing out by doing the LEAN version of P90X my first round! This could become one of my favorite workouts….maybe….I’ll have to do it again to know for sure.

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Round 2 of P90X…..and begin!

Well after my 1 week stint of Insanity, a week of stretching and yoga to recover from it and a 3-day Shakeology cleanse I am officially back in action! I have been reunited with Tony Horton and his P90X crew for Round 2!

Day 1 of Round 2 was Chest & Back followed by Ab Ripper X since I decided to do the “Classic” version this time around (I followed “Lean” last time which has more cardio training in it). I forgot how much I despise push-up’s and how bad I am at them. I don’t know if I will ever find a love for them or those dreaded “Dive Bombers” and “Diamonds”  but I did my best and forgot the rest!

This round of P90X Classic will give me a new workout that I have never done…….Plyometrics. Doing the Lean version which didn’t have Plyo is why I probably failed miserably at Insanity…..granted there is the whole herniated disc thing but…I might have been better prepared if I at least did Plyo once a week for 3 months. Especially since Insanity is basically Plyo on crack….or speed….or whatever upper you fancy.

I’m also really looking forward to this round because I also plan on subbing an Insanity workout in each week in place of CardioX . I love the CardioX workout BUT I would like to get my revenge on Insanity one day for making me cave the way I did. For those of you who don’t know me I rarely quit at anything….I don’t like to admit I can’t do something…it just pisses me off and makes me work harder to prove that I CAN do it!

With that, tomorrow….Day 2….will be my 1st Plyo session! I hung with Insanity for a week so I should be okay for an hour with Plyo….right?!

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Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse Results!

Well the torture cleanse is over and I survived it! I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to get to my cup of coffee and I had been dreaming of a southwest style breakfast burrito! Before I could get to that I had business to attend to. I had to weigh in and take my measurements.

First on the agenda was the scale…..lost another 1.5 (darn that extra banana I had yesterday). for a total of 5.5 pounds lost in 3 days! Next were the measurements…I took 3 measurements before I started. One at the belly button, then 2 inches above and 2 inches below. I lost a little more than an inch off each which gave me a loss of 3.5 inches total over the course of 3 days.

Overall I am pretty impressed with the cleanse. Day 1 was an absolute killer and if you drink a lot of coffee everyday it is going to be VERY difficult. Day 2 was much easier but that could be because I was off from work. Day 3 was a breeze and it was a busy day for me. The energy jolt at bedtime was a bit of a killer though…I ended up being awake until after 1am but I woke up feeling great and I wasn’t hungry at all!

The not being hungry part this morning was great and crappy at the same time. It was great that my body seemed to have finally adjusted to the cleanse but it was crappy because I was now able to eat food and I wanted that burrito dammit!

When all is said and done the cleanse is something I would be able to do again if needed. I am hoping to move onto eating cleaner now but I am going to do it in baby steps. I’ve found that whenever I jump into things I just get frustrated and burn out. As I have over this year long  journey I will tweek things gradually until I form a habit. So far cutting back caffeine, sugar and carbs has been a major success, there is no reason why I can’t do clean eating as well!

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