Don’t Let Life Pass You By!

I have recently engaged in some conversations that made me stop and think about life.

I remember looking forward to special events or milestones and thinking…  “I just can’t wait until this happens”.  I would get lost in my dreams and focus on nothing but that. However, when the event finally happened, I felt like it went too fast, as if I didn’t get to enjoy it long enough or that it didn’t fulfill me as much as I hoped.

In reality the future does not exist,  and the past no longer matters.  The only thing that’s real is NOW, this very moment.  Everything else is an illusion that we create. As soon as you start thinking about the past, you are living in your memories.  As soon as you start imagining your future, you are living in your dreams.

Now granted the past is there to provide you with important life lessons and should not be ignored. However it is so important that you push forward and don’t compare everything you encounter on life’s journey to it otherwise you hold yourself back.

The same holds true for the future. You need to set goals and things to work towards, but it’s important that you don’t get so hung up on the big picture that you miss all the beautiful small details. Which is what I have been guilty of doing with so many things in my life….especially my fitness journey.

All to often I find myself stuck in the past dwelling on things I can’t change or so far into the future that I am missing all of the wonderful things that are happening right now. I tend to focus on what I still need to do more than what I have accomplished. I need to slow myself down, savor every moment that I’m lucky enough to experience in life and stop questioning everything. (Which is not an easy thing for me at all.)

I think the secret to enjoying life is to grab time by the balls and say “not so fast buddy”.

You need to learn to slow down and enjoy the little things. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. Learn from your mistakes and move forward with the knowledge. Treat everyday as a clean slate where yesterday doesn’t matter and tomorrow doesn’t exist. Live in the here and now. Just go with the flow and grow as a person.

Don’t let life pass you by – Carpe diem!

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Getting Extreme with ChaLEAN

My newest fitness journey began this week and the program of choice for me….ChaLEAN Extreme.

It’s another 90 Day in home DVD based fitness program and it runs in 3 phases much like P90X did – Burn, Push and Lean.

What drew me to this was the philosophy behind it… “Muscle Burns Fat.”  You want to build “lean muscle” so you can burn away that excess fat.  Chalene understands that the quickest way to burn fat is to build muscle, and lean muscle (you’re not going to bulk up and look like the Hulk doing this).

Now some people laughed and thought I would be bored with this after 2 Rounds of P90X (you know who you are) and after my first workout, Burn Circuit 1,  I agreed.

However, after sitting back and thinking about what I had just done during the workout I realized I needed to up my game to a new level. I needed heavier weight for this program because it is a different animal than P90X was. So the next day I headed to the sporting goods and picked up some heavier weights.

During my next workout on the program, Burn Circuit 2 I REALLY felt the difference. The new weights were just what I needed to get myself to failure by 10-12 reps and I really enjoyed the slower pace to the lifting.

Today’s workout with Burn Interval and I must say I really enjoyed it despite the nasty things I called Chalene while doing it. When I first popped the DVD in and saw we would be using 5lbs weights I thought this would be easy peasy but man was I wrong. Five pounds might not sound like a lot but when you are doing a bazillion bicep curls you feel it and beg for that last rep to hurry up and arrive! I really enjoyed the cardio kickboxing moves as well.

My biggest complaint with the workouts so far is the warm-up is too short. All you do is throw a few punches, a few leg stretches and you jump in. I prefer a longer warm up – especially in the morning so I do my own based off what I did with P90X and then start my Burn workout for the day.

Other than that I don’t have any other complaints so far.  I love that they are full body workouts so I work my arms, legs, abs, thighs, butt….you name it – everything is sore the next day and that makes me happy!

I look forward to seeing what kind of results I can achieve with ChaLEAN!

Now for a shameless plug:

If you would like more information on this workout program or if you would like to order it please contact me or visit me on my facebook fan page.

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I also love that they are full body workouts so I work my arms, legs, abs, thighs, butt….you name it – everything is sore the next day and that makes me happy!

Round 2 – Day 90 – The End

It’s official…today is Day 90, I just finished Yoga X and that means I am a 2 time P90X graduate! Woot!

This has honestly been the fastest 90 days of my life! Round 2 seems like a blur to me and I can’t believe how far I have come on this journey. (it’s almost like child birth…you forget the pain so you will be crazy enough to do it again.)

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I was not super strict this round. I’ve been playing around with substituting the fitness trail for some of the cardio or using it as an additional workout. I’ve also been using 10 Minute Trainer on days when I am pressed for time and I’ve been trying to tweak my calorie intake to figure out this lightheaded/lack of energy issue I’ve been having. (Blood tests all seem to be normal.)

I’ve also been trying to make sure that I can maintain the results I’ve seen and so far I have proven to myself that I can. I can have a cheat treat here and there and not feel guilty about it. As a matter of fact I usually end up sick and regretting it after so I guess that is a step in the right direction. I also find that if I skip a day or two of workouts I feel awful, stiff and sluggish. My body now craves this lifestyle and that makes me a very happy girl!

As always, the end of a phase means weigh-in and measurements so let’s just get to them:

Height – 5′ 9″
Weight – 156lbs (5lb loss over 90 days)
Waist – 27.5″ 2.5″ loss 90 Days (.5 loss from Day 60)
Hips – 35.5″ down 1.5″ overall (.5 loss from Day 60)
Chest – 34″  down 2″ overall (same as Day 60)
Right Arm – 11.5″ (same but leaner)
Left Arm – 12″ (same but leaner)
Right Thigh – 19″down 1.5″overall (1″ loss – Day 60)
Left Thigh – 19″ down 1.5″ overall (1″ loss – Day 60)
Body Fat -15.9% down 5.7% overall (.8%  – Day 60)

Next up for me will be a 90 Day round of ChaLEAN Extreme. I am looking forward to trying something new and I think I will like what Chalene Johnson has to offer since there is a cardio kickboxing involved. I will also continue on my quest to clean up my eating habits. This is by far one of the hardest things for me. I tend to do really well and then mess up along the way on days when I am pressed for time so I need to work on my planning. (especially if I plan on seeing my abs – Maybe a Chalene to-do list is in order here? )

As always, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has kept me motivated and moving toward my goals. Here’s to another 90 days of Beachbody workouts! Woot!

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Bittersweet Endings…

I am entering my final week in Round 2 of P90X. These 90 days have truly gone super fast and to be honest I am happy it is almost done.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE P90X. I LOVE Tony Horton and the results I have gotten from doing the program. I highly recommend it and Power 90 to just about everyone I talk to….I just need something new. I need to feel excitement for my workouts again and I believe that starting a new program will bring that to the table.

What will my next program be you ask? Well…I’ve decided to give ChaLEAN Extreme a shot. It is another 90 day program which also uses resistance and cardio workouts in 3 phases. (I’ll do a post about it before I start and will most likely do a weekly post once I start the program.)

P90X will always be my first fitness love. It has changed my life in so many ways. It has brought a bunch of amazing new people into my life (you all know who you are). It has given me the strength to achieve my goals and realize that I CAN do anything I set my mind to. It has allowed me to spread and share my new found knowledge and motivate others to better themselves.

Most importantly it has helped me to find ME again. I am sure I will return to it for another round…most likely after ChaLEAN Extreme. The bottom line is P90X works and those workouts will ALWAYS be a part of my fitness routine.

Thank you Tony Horton, Beachbody and my amazing P90X crazed twitter family…you guys keep me motivated and going!

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Mish Mosh of Thoughts…

I have been neglecting this blog lately and I am disappointed in myself for doing that. There has been a lot going on here and my head has been swirling so I haven’t been able to pin point WHAT I wanted to write about. As a result, I decided to just sit back and write about whatever comes to mind which is why I have titled this “Mish Mosh of thoughts”.

I apologize in advance if I am all over the place…

First off I am in Round 2 – Phase 3 of P90X. I have slacked off a little bit and missed a few workouts over the past 2 weeks but I will make them up before the 90 days are over. The same thing happened to me in Round 1 and I just doubled up and plugged along like a trooper.

One of the reasons I have been slacking off is that I haven’t been feeling up to par lately. I have been sluggish, light headed and prone to headaches. I have tried playing around with my calorie intake and things improve for a day or two but then go back to this off feeling. I decided it was time to go to the doctor to see what was going on. EKG was fine and I am waiting for  blood results to see if maybe it is a thyroid issue.

I am still hopelessly in love with the fitness trail. My longest distance so far was an 8 mile walk/run last month. It was such a great feeling to know that I pushed that hard and stayed within the time constraints I put on myself.

Most of my walks/runs after that have been in the 3-4 mile range and I am now hoping to do them daily since my daughter goes to camp where the fitness trail is so I am there anyway…might as well get a workout in right?!

Since falling in love with walking I have started to run a bit more. Mind you I only run when I do the trail by myself because I feel like a complete and total moron when I run. I have pacing issues that I am working on and can only go about a 1/2 mile before burning out and needing to walk for a bit and then resuming a run again.

I would love to be able to do the whole 3 mile lap in a run by fall without needing those breaks.  For now my goal is the keep all walks at a pace of 16 min per mile or lower because I would love to do one of the half marathon walks in Disney next year and that is part of the rules.


I had my first Power 90 graduate last month and my husband is  finishing in 3 days! I am so excited, proud and happy for both of them! My friend is going on to do the Power 90 Masters Series and my husband is going to move up to P90X!

This past week I have also been approached by numerous people at my daughters camp who haven’t seen me in almost an year. They all want to know how I have kept myself going, what my secret is and I have been told by a few that I am their inspiration. It is a truly amazing and touching to have someone look you in the eye and tell you that. It is something I NEVER thought I would be.

Pull-ups….I have become obsessed with wanting to do them on the bar. I don’t have one in my house and have screwy doorways so the bars that just hook over the door don’t work here. I keep looking at the one on the fitness trail and I want to try it but I can’t get up the nerve. I am thinking about going to my friends house and trying her husbands out. At least if I can’t do it I will fail in private and not on an open to the public fitness trail. I know…way to be positive.

Other than that I just have lots of random thoughts swirling around in my mind which makes me feel like I have ADD. I am thankful for the fitness trail which allows me to have some time to talk about things with my friends or clear my head alone as I zone out to The Prodigy.

Lastly I would like to give a  HUGE thank you to my buddy for listening to me and helping to guide me the past few weeks. You mean more to me than you may ever know. XOXO

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