Has Anybody Seen My Balance?

No, seriously. I can’t find it anywhere.

I seem to be in a tug of war between workouts and nutrition. For some reason I can’t get the two to co-exist. If I’m having a stellar nutrition day, I am unmotivated to workout. If I am on point and get my workouts in, I mess up somewhere with my nutrition. It’s an endless battle between the two and I know there is a way to make them exist together in harmony….I’m just having some issues figuring it out.

This week I had ice cream, a cupcake and even some bacon. Yes, I said bacon. Yes, I know I have been trying a vegetarian style of eating. (Hangs head in shame) Although, I am not that bothered by my eating it. I like bacon, it tastes good and I went vegetarian for the health aspect of it, not the animal rights reason. (Ducks for cover)

I am coming to realize that there will be weeks like this and it’s ok. As long as the rest of your day is good and you don’t let that one cheat item become a “free pass” for a day of pigging out and being unhealthy.

I’ve also realized I HAVE to become more organized with my meals. This week I have forgotten my lunch at home….twice, not had the proper ingredients in the house to make well balanced meals and I have not taken the time to make the snacks I have to come to rely on. All of these just set me up to fail somewhere along the way.

So, what is your struggle? If you have found balance with this, how did you achieve it? I’ve reached an interesting point in my journey to a healthy “me” and while I get frustrated, I am enjoying the lessons I am learning.

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One thought on “Has Anybody Seen My Balance?

  1. What does your morning look like? Maybe if you start the day on point (maybe even organize the next day before you go to bed at night) it will make everything transition together better the next day.

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