Sometimes A Coach Needs A Coach

Now Hiring: Someone to keep me on track, make me accountable and get me to fully recommit to my fitness goals. Must be willing to deal with my sometimes (cough-cough) thick-headed attitude, help me regain focus and push me back on track, so I can cross the finish line.

Yes. You read the above correctly. I need help. I need someone to coach ME. I seem to have lost focus with the increase of hours at my job and that can not be an excuse. I need some accountability for myself so I’m turning to my fellow tweeters, Beachbody friends and fitness folks for help.

I am having trouble sticking to a program. Heck, I’m having an issue sticking to anything. I am all over the place with my workouts and I need to correct this.

If you are interested in applying for this (unpaid) position, please comment below, tweet me, Facebook message me, e-mail me or send a carrier pigeon…anything.

This coach needs a coach! Stat!

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes A Coach Needs A Coach

  1. Sadly, I’m in the same boat. I’ve been making tons of well-intended plans but not following through… We were pretty good at checking with each other a while back. Let’s help each other out!

    Good news, though: My wife has been killing it with Hip Hop Abs. She’s feeling and looking better. She’s at a women’s retreat for church this weekend and even did her workout in the hotel room last night. Maybe she can be our coach…

  2. Sure, I’d be glad to help. My career goals need a little help, for sure, but I am at least holding steady with diet and fitness, plus or minus a piece of cake. :-) I do like to help people with that sort of thing.

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