Two-A-Days….Wait. What?

The warm temps we are experiencing here on the East Coast, are a great reminder that summer is right around the corner!

All too soon it will be shorts and tank tops everyday, not to mention the dreaded bathing suit (gasp) and I want to be comfortable in them.

For way too long I was self conscience and unable to wear the things I really wanted to. This year….I know I have control of that and I am going to seize the moment! It’s time to kick things up a notch and I have decided that for at least the next week, I will be doing two-a-days.


I will be doing my ChaLEAN Extreme weight workouts three times a week (Go heavy or go home), Insanity twice a week (Dig deep) and a yoga or stretch workout everyday to improve my flexibility (Namaste).

Now, I would love to get out and walk or run more, but this is prime allergy season and I don’t know how well that will work out for me. I’m pretty good at improvising but I plan on sticking to above schedule for at least a week. (I’ve already made it thru 1.5 days so it shouldn’t be THAT hard).

Nutrition has been pretty good for me. Of course I had my stumbling points with Easter candy and a small Coldstone ice cream binge, but I’ve recovered.

So….let the two-a-days begin! I’ll see you all in a week…..with a possible Vlog!

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30 Days…

Recently I discovered that I work well with 30 Day goals.

That’s a good thing, cause I have a little over 30 days to get my booty in gear and hit a few goals before meeting the lovely @TabBenedict at the Beachbody Game Plan event, being held in Rochester, NY!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tab for the first time at the “Bring It!” book signing event in Long Island, back in January. We followed that up with a fun day in NYC and I’ve been wanting a chance to hang with her again ever since.

Lucky for me, she messaged me last week and told me about this event. Granted it’s a 6+ hour drive away but why not?! Every girl deserves a weekend getaway, right?

Now, it’s stuff like this that makes me bring my “A game”. I KNOW Tab is pushing play daily and working hard to hit her goals….I can’t show up like an out of shape slacker, especially since I believe there is a group workout involved as well. It’s bad enough I took breaks at the last one due to the heat. SMH. And yes, I do have a competitive side to me….it’s part of my charm.

To prepare for this event and meet up, I have started another round of ChaLEAN Extreme. I just completed week 1 and feel great so far. I need to up my protein which is a little tricky with the vegetarian aspect of things (those who follow me, know I cheated last week, but I’ve been good since the rib incident) and my booty has been screaming all week which is a good thing….especially with summer coming!

So that’s where I’m at right now. Anyone else attending this event? If so, let me know! I’d love to meet up with you.

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Just Checking In.

Hello everyone. I’m still alive and I’m still working toward my fitness goals. Thank you to those of you who asked if I’m still blogging or said you missed my blogs. That means a lot. Things have just been a little hectic with work and I’ve been trying to test the waters to see if I can maintain my results with just good nutrition and short workouts. After all….

I’m happy to report that the maintaining has been going well and I even made some more progress with the 30 Day Shred. I’m not sure exactly how much since I didn’t take measurements…I just wanted to do it. Sounds crazy since I’m always telling people to make sure they take their measurements, but I wanted a pressure free experience for a change.

Today I started another round of ChaLEAN Extreme. I figured with tank top season right around the corner, it would be the perfect way to achieve sexy shoulders and tone arms. I also just love the slow, heavy lifting method Chalene uses in this program. I received amazing results, FAST, with it last time, so I’m sure I’ll get them again.

Originally, I was planning on starting INSANITY again, but after really thinking about it, I know my knees couldn’t handle another 63 days of it right now. I will most likely toss in some Plyo Cardio Circuit or Pure Cardio instead of CLX cardio workouts from time to time. I also plan on running more often, I really want to reach a respectable time on a 5K.

Well….that’s were I’m at right now. I’m almost at the 2 year mark on this journey and I couldn’t be happier!

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