Beachbody On-Demand: It’s Here!

Beachbody On-Demand MeHow many times have you heard someone talking about a new workout program or seen an infomercial for one? Heck, if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, I’ve mentioned enough programs to make your head spin.

When deciding to commit to at-home fitness, there is definitely pressure. How do you know which program to choose? Will you like it? What happens if you hate it?

One of the reasons why I recommend Beachbody products and I ended up becoming a coach is because I BELIEVE in their products. I’m a walking testimony that they work. I lost over 100 pounds using their products and there is no doubt in my mind, you WILL get results if you commit to whatever program you choose.

(Note the last 8 words of that sentence. As a matter of fact, go back and reread it. They’re very important.)

The other thing I love about them? They offer a money back guarantee on all of their products …even Shakeology! You can use the entire bag and decide you don’t like and they will refund your money as long as it’s within 30 days.

Who does that?!

Since I have completed so many programs I understand why people have a hard time deciding which one to choose. There are A LOT of them. In all honesty it also doesn’t help that there are so many coaches out there and they’re all hyping up the newest program to hit the market. I get it, it’s new, there’s excitement about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Ya know? From P90X to PiYo, there truly is something for everyone and of every fitness level… but which one is right for YOU?

Well, if you decide to purchase a program, I recommend you find a coach that knows the programs and can guide in choosing the one that’s right for you. They should ask you questions about your goals, fitness level and then give you some options to check out. If they only talk about how much they love the program, how awesome everyone says it is, that’s it’s the newest thing and they don’t ask you questions, chances are your best interest in not what they’re focused on and you might want to find someone else to help you. 

Now, if you get bored easily, still aren’t convince that a specific program is for you or if you just enjoy variety, I’d like to introduce you to the brand new Beachbody On-Demand!

On Demand 2

 It’s a new feature that Beachbody is offering within The Team Beachbody Club membership and it’s truly the most valuable tool I could share with you at the moment.

I had the opportunity to be apart of the test group for this new feature and I absolutely LOVED it!

With this Premium Team Beachbody Club membership, you’ll automatically have access to unlimited streaming of hundreds of workouts from Beachbody’s collection of fitness programs as well as the Nutrition Guides,  personalized meal plans, support videos from REAL celebrity trainers, a 10% discount on ALL Team Beachbody products (including Shakeology) and most important, a FREE coach, like myself!

So what programs do you have access to with this Team Beachbody Club Membership? Allow me to tell you…

On Demand

Beachbody On-Demand: Programs Available At Launch

  • P90X & P90X Deluxe
  • P90X2 & P90X2 Deluxe
  • P90X3 & P90X3 Deluxe
  • P90X ONE on ONE Volume 1
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • TurboFire
  • Brazil Butt Lift & Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe
  • ChaLEAN Extreme
  • Hip Hop Abs

Beachbody On-Demand: Your Purchased Programs

Later this March, there will be another big perk added to Beachbody On-Demand. If you’re a paid Team Beachbody Club member and you purchase select DVD programs that are not in the Member Library, you’ll be able to exclusively stream those programs as well. Just look for “Purchased Programs” in Beachbody On-Demand.

That means if you travel a lot, you no longer have to worry about packing your DVD’s with you! You’ll have them at your finger tips from any device that supports internet access. You’ll be able to access these workouts from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PS3, XBox 360, PS4, XBox One, Smart TV, Chromecast or Apple TV! How awesome is that?!

(Update 3/12/15: After receiving a message from someone having issues getting it to work on their PS3, I found that despite having Flash, the site works but the video does not load on the PS3 & XBox 360 game systems. It did work on my PS4 and I spoke with someone who uses it on their Xbox One and helped a customer use it on their Smart TV. I am looking into this more to see why this is happening and I will update again when I have more info.)

The first set of programs that will be available for streaming later in March as part of the Purchased Program section are FOCUS T25 (which is on sale this month), 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME. This library of available Purchased Programs to be streamed will be growing over the next few months, too.

Beachbody On-Demand: Try Before You Buy

Another huge benefit of becoming a Premium Team Beachbody Club member? Exclusive access to try workouts from many of the newest programs along with some other noteworthy programs. Just look for “New and Noteworthy” in Beachbody On Demand.

This section will allow you to preview select single workouts of some of Beachbody’s newest and best-selling programs. In other words, now for the first time, you will be able to get a sneak preview of the program and try before you buy with one full length workout from the program.

Here are the programs you will have exclusive access to starting in March 2015:

  • 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME – PiYo Fix Extreme
  • PiYo – Sweat
  • FOCUS T25 – Alpha Cardio
  • INSANITY MAX:30 – Sweat Intervals
  • P90 – Sculpt A
  • Body Beast – Build: Chest/Tris

As you can see, Beachbody On Demand can help many people in different ways. From those who need variety or can’t decide which program or trainer they will like best, to those who travel often, there are benefits for everyone.

How Much Does Beachbody On-Demand Cost?

The Beachbody On-Demand digital program will only cost you the price of a Team Beachbody Club membership, which is a risk-free cost of $2.99 a week, billed $38.87 quarterly (that’s less than $40 for 3 months). And you can cancel any time in the first 30 days for a full refund.

As I mentioned above, with Team Beachbody Club Membership you also gain access to nutrition information and guidance, personalized meal plans, support videos from REAL celebrity trainers, a 10% discount on ALL Team Beachbody products (including Shakeology) and most important, a FREE coach, like myself!

March Promo:

If you purchase a bag of Shakeology, you can get 3 months of Beachbody On-Demand for only $10! If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, simply click here or contact me so we can discuss you goals and figure out which program you should try first!

If you are unsure about Club Membership and do not already have a FREE Team Beachbody account, click here to make one and I’ll be assigned as your coach and you can contact me with any questions you may have!

So what do you think of this new feature? Is it something you think you could benefit from?

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Chase Your Dreams

If you never chase your dreams, you'll never catch them

Once again I have been a slacker when it comes to writing here and honestly, I’m okay with that, because I’ve been busy chasing my dreams.

I was feeling a little bit lost in my life and what direction it should take, but I’m feeling much more focused now. I suppose it’s something we all go through at some point in life. When I lost my job a year and a half ago, I knew I wanted to switch my focus towards my passion, which was health & fitness. I spent some time deciding how I wanted to go about doing it and eventually decided to begin studying for my NASM Personal Trainer certification, as I’ve mention here before. I’m proud to say I completed it, however once I did, I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I was never comfortable being in a gym and that is where most people start out once they are certified, so I sucked it up and went to meet with someone at a local gym about shadowing and learning the ropes. While I was there, I knew in my gut it wasn’t for me. NOTHING about it felt comfortable and after speaking with the trainer there, I knew in my heart I wasn’t going to be happy following that route. So I went home, cried and questioned everything I had been doing to this point.

That is when clarity took over and I realized that the answer had always been in front of me. I had taken steps down the path toward it in the past, but always got scared, worried about what other people were going to think and talked myself out of it.

You see, back when I completed my first round of P90X 4 years ago, I tried Shakeology for the first time and really liked it, however I really couldn’t afford it. I saw the nutritional value it offered, but I couldn’t get past the price tag. That is when my coach introduced me to Beachbody Coaching (Yes, I said Beachbody Coaching…please don’t run away now) and how I could get a 25% discount on Shakeology. I was very skeptical at first and I asked a million questions to everyone I knew who was doing the program on Twitter and I eventually decided to sign-up. While I was told I was inspiring and motivating by many people I met at that time, I wasn’t comfortable coaching anyone so I just enjoyed the Shakeology discount and if people asked me what I was doing to get in shape I would tell them, share a link and make a little extra money by doing so.

From time to time I would attend a local Beachbody event, because I loved the programs. Coaches I met there would try to talk to me into “working my business” but I refused to “drink the Kool-Aid” so I would just smile a nod. In all honesty I was intrigued by it, but I was also scared of it. I wasn’t a fitness professional and I was still trying to figure out all this fitness stuff on my own. How on earth could I possibly help other people reach their goals when I hadn’t even reached mine?! When I look back on this I was stupid and I was just scared. I was scared of leaving my comfort zone, scared of what other people would think and scared of failing. Now I know that failing at things is the way to grow in life. If we just sit back in our comfort zone, we aren’t living life to it’s fullest, and we certainly aren’t being as happy as we could possibly be.

Over the course of 4 years I have toyed with the idea of actually following this path and coaching others, on and off. I always allowed the fear to stop me but I never quit. I thought about it many times but for some reason I never called and cancelled my coach account and I never fully gave up on the idea of doing it. Why? I’m pretty sure it’s because the Universe wants me to pursue this. I know … I know… the Universe?! Yeah, well… I’m not religious but I do believe in a higher power. I wholeheartedly believe that we have a path we are meant to follow in life, and that people and events come into our lives to lead us to this path. When we ignore the path things will keep happening to redirect us towards it, and that’s what kept happening to me with coaching.

So, as of this month, I am officially applying myself with my coaching! I am chasing my dreams of helping others and paying it forward. I am no longer running from this opportunity to touch other peoples lives and pass along the knowledge that I have gained over the course of my 5 year weight loss journey. I was able to change my life and I know that YOU can too. If you have been scared to start, I want you to know that it is normal and it doesn’t mean that you can never do it!

Now that I have  finally, openly, talked about what it is I do, I hope that if you are ever up late watching TV and an infomercial comes on for P90X, T25, 21 Day Fix, PiYo or any other Beachbdoy program, you will wait to order it and come speak to me first. If you already own one of these programs but have struggled with them or never even got started, I would love the opportunity to coach you,  find out what your goals are and help you to reach them!

It’s time to chase your dreams and make them a reality!

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Challenge Accepted! …and completed!

Focus T25

What if I told you that in only 25 minutes a day, you could work out and still get great results? If all you had to do was follow a workout program 5 days a week, 25 minutes a day and follow a nutrition guide to lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying around and feel more comfortable in your clothes… would you be interested?

I know I was and I’ve done my fair share of programs!

What is this “magical” program you ask? Well, if the banner up top didn’t give it away, it’s called Focus T25, the newest Beachbody workout and it is a life saver for busy people who want to get fit, but just don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. If you’re ready to commit to changing your life, to getting healthy and working out hard for only 25 minutes, this program is definitely for you!

Now, I know some of you got a little nervous while reading that last line when I said “working out hard for only 25 minutes”, but please don’t be scared. This is one of the first Beachbody programs that I personally have completed that I honestly feel ANYONE can do and see results.

As those of you who follow this blog and my story know, I am an oddball, because I started with one of the hardest programs on the market, P90X. I have also completed Insanity, which if you’ve been following my story, you know was the toughest thing I think I’ve ever done. Both of those programs are no joke and part of that is because there are not a lot of modifications with them….heck….Insanity has NO modifications, but this program is different!

What I loved about Focus T25, is that Shaun T added a real modifier to this program.  Yes, I said Shaun T…the same person who yelled and screamed at me and made me cry during Insanity, created this program and shows a much calmer side in it. Now don’t be fooled., this isn’t all rainbows and kittens. Shaun really pushes you during each and every workout, but he has to because they are ONLY 25 MINUTES!

Focus T25 is all about pushing your body to its max for 25 minutes straight. There is no rest between moves. The concept of pure focus while working out as hard as you can, can bring you the same results as traditional hour long workouts. You need to get your heart rate up, move your body, and burn calories if you want awesome results in such a short period of time, and in order to do that, there is no rest…but it’s only 25 minutes and you’re done!

Ok…I lied…there is a 2 and half minute cool down after the workouts but come on….under 30 minutes and you’re done!

Throughout the program you will workout in two phases, using eleven different workouts in total. These workouts use dynamic high intensity moves and exercises, but they all have modifications so don’t get overwhelmed. These workouts are going to push you to your limit, but it’s all worth it for the results you’re going to get at the end of the 10 weeks. The workouts will be as hard as or easy as you make them, but just realize if you don’t push yourself, you’re not going to get the amazing results I’m talking about.

My first week of doing the program, I was curious as to how much you could possibly sweat doing the modifications? Well, the answer to that is a lot, so don’t worry if you have to modify. You just give it all you got for 25 minutes and you will see results!

The other plus to this program is that if you purchase it from your coach, you get the added bonus of being part of a fitness accountability challenge group for the duration of the 10 weeks. It’s really a great way to stay focused, get additional tips and stay on track. I absolutely loved the challenge group that I was a part of. I loved knowing that I was not the only one struggling with a particular move or workout, I loved the bonus challenges that were set to keep us on track with our nutrition, such as, post a screen capture of your food journal every day for a week and win a prize. Stuff like that gives you a sense of belonging, adds a little healthy competition and helps to build you up and keep you going, and that’s what getting healthy should be about. It’s about being the best version of you, you can be!

If you would like more information about Focus T25 or any of the other programs I’ve completed, please feel free to contact me using the form below or over on my Facebook page. I have Challenge Groups forming every month and I’d love to get to know you better while watching you achieve your fitness goals! As a matter of fact, I have one forming right now for those looking to get a jump start on their New Year’s Resolutions!

Holiday Challenge

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Working On Goals For 2013

2013resIt’s that time of year where you begin to reflect on the past 12 months and start deciding what direction you would like the next 12 to go in.

For me, the focus has been on a few areas, but I’ve put a lot of thought into doing more “fun races”.

I did my first “fun run” this past September and I loved it. The Color Run was so much fun and I had never participated in anything like it before…especially due to my phobia of group fitness activity.

As I perused my 5k options on and, I discovered many different types of “fun runs” and quickly started making a list of ones I’d like to do in 2013!

So far, my goal is to do the Glow Run, Foam Fest and The Color Run.

I, being the Pinaholic I am, have already started collecting ideas for my run attire, for the Glow Run…

I LOVE this idea for the Glow Run!

I LOVE this idea for the Glow Run!

I also like that I now have goals to train for. I tend to need something to focus on in order to keep on track. I know that I will need to make a solid run schedule as well as a lifting schedule for myself. Somewhere in that mix, I’d like to at least do month 1 of Insanity again, because I know how well it builds up my cardio endurance.

2013 has the potential to be amazing. A year for me to finally break out of my shell and start being a social fit person. I survived a group workout with Tony Horton in 2011 and Bikram Yoga classes in 2012. I even attended a BlogHer party by myself during the summer. Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Do you have any fitness goals for 2013? How about any “fun races” that you may have done in the past?

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and the results are…..

Believe it or not 2 weeks of INSANITY are in the books, which means that this morning was Fit Test #2. I pushed myself really hard because I had to beat my own numbers from the first test. I was quite successful in doing that with all of the moves except for those dreaded Globe Jumps. They are hands down my least favorite along with Power Jumps….pure evil!

So, here is what you really came here to see…..The Results of Fit Test #2:

Here is a link to my First Fit Test Results if you missed them.

Overall here are my improvements:

Switch Kicks:     +5
Power Jacks:     +6
Power Knees:    +18
Power Jumps:    +4
Globe Jumps:       0
Suicide Jumps:  +2
Push-Up Jacks: +7
Low Plank Obliques: +6

I’m very pleased with my improvement in only 2 short weeks. I was a little upset during Low Plank Obliques because my arms became tired before my legs or obliques did and I could have went longer. Also Power Jumps followed by Globe Jumps are just sheer torture. I know I could do more Suicide Jumps if I wasn’t coming right off the previous two.

Here to another 2 weeks of digging deep, cause this sh*ts bananas yo!

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Experimenting with Sport Beans…

During the past week of Insanity, trying to find balance between meals and workout times has been a challenge. I’ve found that I have to wait at least 2 hours after a meal to begin my workout or I will puke. The problem with this, is that I’ve been eating every 2-2.5 hours since beginning this program, so I end up running out of energy halfway through my workout and struggle to finish.

While talking with my #insanecrew the other day my beloved coach brought up Sport Beans. I had never heard of  them before so I instantly started asking questions. I found out that there is this whole group of energy aids out there that runners like ranging from Sport Beans to some stuff called GU. Apparently you take them before a hard workout and they give you the energy that you need to make it through without a big meal…SCORE!

Of course I hunted down these beans and bought a few bags in various flavors, along with some GU to test them out and see if they actually worked.

Last night was the big night…I decided to test out the Sport Beans! I flipped over the bag, read the directions and started chomping away on them 30 mins before my workout as directed. Some of the flavors were quite icky (yes, I used the word icky) while the fruit punch and berry were actually quite good. I grabbed some water since you are supposed to hydrate while using them and started my workout.

Fast forward to the halfway point were I felt the beans sitting in my chest and I was as jittery as a junkie who took too much speed! I had TONS of energy but couldn’t hold a plank pose to save my life cause my arms were shaky and I felt sick from the sweetness of the beans.

Of course when my workout was over I told my #insanecrew about my experience and found out that I shouldn’t have followed the package directions. It seems that eating 3-4 beans as I’m waiting for the disc to load is all I should have done…..can you say oops?! (Or should I say “Thanks for the heads up tweeps!”)

Lesson of the Day: Don’t eat a whole package of Sports Beans to do an INSANITY workout unless you want to be a jitter-iffic mess for the rest of the night/day.

Today I tried them again for Pure Cardio and I only popped 2 beans as I pressed play. I had plenty of energy for the workout, didn’t feel hungry at the halfway mark and didn’t get jittery at all. (Insert the “SCORE!” I was searching for.)

By following this modified way of using them I give them a huge thumbs up and thank my coach for telling me about them. (Even if I wanted to kill him last night for not telling me this sooner to ignore the package directions.)

For those you interested in Sport Beans here is some info or you can go to their website. I also found out that they make Extreme Sport Beans with caffeine. I guess I should be grateful I didn’t chomp down a whole pack of those last night!

Sport Beans™, from the makers of Jelly Belly® beans, are specially formulated to fuel your body before, during and after exercise.

  • Simply explained, Sport Beans are Jelly Beans formulated with carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins B and C
  • Eat one packet with one to two cups of water about 30 minutes before exercising
  • During a long workout, eat one packet every 45 minutes
  • Eat after a workout to replenish muscles of depleted carbohydrates

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End of INSANITY Week 1

Well….I did it! I survived week 1 of INSANITY. That’s right, I’m still breathing, still walking and still able to move! Ha! Take that Shaun T!

*To celebrate my achievement I purchased the items in the photo as a gift for myself at the Beachbody Game Plan Tour today in Brooklyn.

Day 4 – Cardio Recovery: I would like to rename this workout “Recovery My Ass” or maybe “Quad Killer”. I don’t know who Shaun T thinks he’s kidding, but this is no recovery workout. I felt more discomfort in this than the others because of how long you had to hold the poses and then pulse on top of it. Don’t be fouled people…this is no typical recovery! Lesson of the Day: Don’t go up and down stairs right after Cardio Recovery. Stairs + jello legs = falling on your butt.

Day 5 – Pure Cardio: This workout and I have met before in the past. It’s the typical INSANITY warm-up that’s you’ve come to know and dislike followed by 15 minutes of puke-tastic cardio that will leave you dripping with sweat and begging for your mommy! Lesson of the Day: “That sh*t was BA-nana’s, yo!”

Day 6 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit: I already wrote about this one since I did it on Tuesday. I did this workout late tonight after coming home from the Beachbody Game Plan Event and I was surprised that I’m getting better at it. I’m not as winded after the warm-up, I’m getting lower in my stretches and as I learn the routine I’m flowing easier. I also noticed that I’m fine as long as I don’t stop. Stopping seems to be the kiss of death! Lesson of the Day: Don’t wear a t-shirt to do INSANITY workouts unless you are truly insane and want to sweat your last braincell out. Stick to tank tops, sports bras or no shirt if your a guy.

Day 7 – A day of rest: Thank you lord.

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